“The possibility to frame the light inside an incorruptible ad transparent material such as glass, opens endless possibilities in terms of design, creativity and customisation in the interior design sector.”.

The technique consists of embedding within two glasses a variable number of Surface Mount LEDs (SMD) applied on a transparent plastic layer, their eletric and mechanic support. Afterward everything is compacted with a transparent bonding agent, obtaining a laminated glass with minimum 9.3 mm thickness. The feeding is obtained through simple direct current devices which change value according to the LED (9/48=) quantity and disposition.
For such an apllication it is possible to use different kind of glasses, both as far thickness and superficial finishing. Therefore for this kind of working are suitable various kind of glass: tempered, laminated, mirror, color, enamelled, mordanted etc.

Maximum size 3000×1400 mm
Minimum thickness 9,3 mm
Power supply from 9 to 48 V in direct electric
Maximum power consumption 12o mW depending by the number of the LEDs
Working temperature -40° / + 80°
Duration 50.000/100.000 hours at 20°
Color: cool white – warm white – blue – red – green