The experience brings expertise , passion generates innovation and ability to meet the needs of individual customer

Over sixty years of experience of a family that for three generations has had a passion for glass processing. The relentless attitude to the research of new technologies and the world of glass applications. The strong internal competence to respond to customer demands with new, customized solutions. The passion for glass processing in the corporate DNA.These are the components of our system, the strength of its roots with which we go into the future.

Passion is the check engine

Give space to the creativity of the projects means having control over processes and strain towards the pursuit of innovation. The control is a skill that develops with experience and an attitude that is transmitted when one wants to ensure a high-quality result but is the passion the real engine that ensures the presence of control in all the work phases and that there It allows you to create special projects and cutting-edge.

The control approach

The application of technological elements to the glass requires a high level of control, the result of years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to be applied to individual jobs . Each person within the company was brought up with an approach oriented control during all processing steps aimed at ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of all our operations. When you manage to spread the quality in all phases of work you can also think about the innovations and new solutions to be applied to projects of clients always aiming at achieving a high level of quality.