“Laminated glass with electro-optical characteristics”.

It consists of two sheets of float glass extra 4mm or more, combined over the entire surface with sheets of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and deposited in them a further liquid crystal films called into common LCD or LPF. The salient feature of this film is the possibility of change of state from opaque to transparent when applied an electric field on the surface. Another feature no less important is the ability to act as a screen for rear projection of images reproduced by media devices.
The latter property that is exalted in the state OFF “opaque”, but that can be used, although with reduced vividness of image, in the ON state “transparent”.

Electro Optical properties

OFF Status
Total light transmitted 55% (+/- 5%)
Direct transmitted light (1° corner of collection) < 1%

ON Status
Total transmission > 75
- Haze < 5%
- Response times < 0,1 sec

Maximum size 3200×1525 mm
Minimum thickness 9,3 mm
Maximum power consumption: 3-5 W/mq
Working temperature -10° / + 50°
Operating voltare 60 VAC, 50 Hz, sinusoidal
Electro Optical properties





Yalos fornisce  anche il Vetro Elettrocromico

Il Vetro Elettrocromico permette di esercitare il controllo sulla luce solare grazie ad particolare sistema oscurante che fa  digradare la luce verso tonalità di blu, riducendo quindi la luce all’interno degli ambienti mantenendo però la trasparenza del vetro.

– Dimensioni massime 3300×1350 mm

– Consumo energetico: il Vetro Elettrocromico richiede alimentaazione solo durante il cambiamento di stato. Un completo cambiamento richiede 15-20 min e richiede meno di 2 Wh/

– Alimentazione: il controller richiede 24 V DC